Tea Fields Cafe was founded by Erica Morrison, a former marketing sales executive who
 left her profession to pursue her love of tea. She became the proud owner of a successful
 gourmet tea & coffee café located in Englewood, New Jersey.
With more than ten years of experience in the loose leaf tea business, and certified by the
 Specialty Institute and International Tea Educational Institute (ITEI) in 2013, she sold the c
afé and is now dedicating her time to the fascinating world of tea.
In 2014, Tea Fields, a boutique tea company, was launched!  
Tea Fields specializes in sourcing teas from around the globe. 

Tea Fields defines the modern tea experience, one that absorbs the senses, 
refreshes and inspires the body and mind.
Tea Fields provides a range of loose leaf teas from the finest tea estates around the world, 
giving you premium, fine quality teas. 
We carefully select our teas for the finest flavors, beautiful aromas, appearance, and natural taste 
with the aim of finding the perfect cup of tea.
 We take pride in sampling the various flavors and subtle tastes of these teas, ensuring we 
provide only the best tea quality for you to drink and enjoy, whether you are a fine tea connoisseur, 
enthusiast, or a causal explorer in the world of teas.

Tea Fields, More Than Just Tea…. It’s a Lifestyle of Tea 
Stop, enjoy our exceptional teas with elegance, in a moment of relaxation and focus.